Delhi Metro

Delhi Metro


Delhi Metro – 3D Simulation Project  – Implemented by Bell Immersive

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The Indian Government was planning to get rid of engineer dependency on training candidates how to drive Delhi Metro. Knowing the fact that it is impossible to remove the dependency from the human being, the Government of India had decided to include such a solution which will help the candidates to reach a level of driving a metro rail and appear for the specialized training with the engineers. The sole objective was not to reduce dependency but to hone the basic skills through a real-life experience.


The adoption of such an idea from the government employees was challenging. An experience could be made almost real was never thought off inside the departments.


Bell has taken its initial time to study each feature of the driving a metro, climatic conditions, passenger rush, rail dashboard dynamics, and many more. The design was developed based on 360-degree photography and doing critical workshops with the design engineers. We came up with an idea of a Delhi Metro Simulator, which has enhanced the level of concentration and having perks included drivers come to know about more dynamic features involved in driving a metro. The product has achieved a great level appreciation from the team, as this has reduced engineers efforts on training drivers rigorously and focus more on important parts.

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