Fire Safety for Air Bus 330

Fire Safety For Air Bus 330


Fire extinguisher on flame background.

Fire Safety For Air Bus 330 – 3D Simulation Project  – Implemented by Bell Immersive

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The client wanted us to create an environment, where people not only learn to fight the fire but also use their skills to subside the situation by following the standards, plan, and most importantly change their ways of reacting to such a situation. Practicing fire drills not always produce results, which are expected, so the client wanted something which will create mock the real-life environment.


The adoption of such an idea from the government employees was challenging. An experience could be made almost real was never thought off inside the departments.


After discussing multiple concepts and based on the requirements stated, we have come up with a gamified 2D environment, where learners can select roles and experience the situation of emergency. The unique scenarios will test all possible consequences that may occur in a situation and how to deal with that. Learning here is imparted through learning by doing approach.

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