Blended Learning Solutions

Inculcate a high competency culture in your organization by combining classroom, online and mobile training solutions.

Blended learning has resulted in a transformational shift in the L&D industry. Instead of bringing trainees to knowledge, blended learning brings knowledge to the trainings at any time that is convenient for them. With the use of digital devices including Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Web Services your learning requirements will not be constrained by time and geographical limitations.

blended learning solution, Micro learning

Bell Immersive Technologies offer blended learning solutions that compliment your classroom training or can even entirely replace them.

Our solutions offer several features including

  • Digital Lecture Handouts to complement your class room training
  • Assignment practices to evaluate the trainees
  • Micro learnings on Mobile phones and other devices for better retention of concepts and information
  • Frequently Asked Questions Forums for trainees to raise queries and get them answered from the trainers.
  • These questions are then displayed to all the trainees in present and future.


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