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Borouge, an ADNOC Group Company is one of the leading polymer manufacturing companies worldwide. Their offices are spread over Europe, Middle East and Asia; with a multi cultured and global work force. The polymer manufacturing sector is one of the hazardous industries where Health, Safety and Environment aspects are of paramount importance to the social as well as commercial goals of an organization. The company wants to have an advanced and effective training Programme to boost HSE culture in line with ADNOC’s vision of 100% HSE.


Borouge has been conducting Class room based instructor led trainings for their HSE needs. The training was conducted in one of the many training facilities within Borouge in their different offices worldwide. Employees as well as contractors would have to gather at these training facilities and attend all mandatory trainings, the logisitics and planning efforts in managing this training would be enormous without achieving the desired results. Additionally, HSE trainings have to be refreshed after a specific period usually a year. Attending the same classroom training can result in lesser interest in the trainee. There was a need to make the training interesting and engaging.


Borouge required a total of nine (9) e-learning modules developed. Bell Immersive’s HSE subject matter experts reviewed the topics and chose to develop the e-learning modules in an animated, story based form. Various characters and stories were included in the module such that Borouge employees would be able to relate to. The course would be delivered by Borouge’s HSE Ambassador, Hessa. Hessa was developed as an Emirati Lady working in Borouge. Other characters were Ahmed, Kumar, Grace and John representing the different cultures that are part of Borouge’s multi-cultured workforce. The locations shown in the modules were sketched from actual locations with Borouge Plant and Office.

Each module had a combination of

  • Real life stories
  • Characters
  • Animations explaining complex concepts (e.g. Layers of Protection Analysis)
  • Text Animations
  • Knowledge Banks (Test questions after each chapter)
  • Graded Questionnaire (20 questions from a question bank of 60 questions. Multiple choice questions, drag and drop, True or False etc)  

The nine (9) modules were developed on following topics

  • Health, Safety and Environment Induction
  • Radiation Safety Awareness
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Occupational Health and Ergonomics
  • Task Risk Assessment
  • Process Safety Awareness
  • Land Transportation Safety
  • Hazardous Communication and Chemical Safety
  • HSE Observation Tour


  • Compelling Storyline
  • Real Life Characters
  • Narration through dialogues

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