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The client wanted Bell Immersive to develop a solution based on the principle that learning content is more realistic and relevant to the learner’s role leads to greater levels of engagement and knowledge retention. Therefore, wanted us to create electronic simulations that may increase student access to laboratory experience since they are not constrained to one specific time and place.


The major challenge of the client was that laboratories are critical to enable learners, such as science students, to develop knowledge and skill. However, labs are costly, time-consuming, and difficult to schedule, since sessions may require two or three hours each—often in afternoons or on weekends when students have fewer conflicts with other courses. Moreover, a lab assistant must be in constant attendance to coach and to answer questions.


Based on the analysis and the scope of work, we have created a solution based on system simulation. As a part of the analysis stage, we have visited the laboratories and interviewed professors to understand the subject matter and the environment around the subject matter. We have ensured that the simulations simplify scheduling and also reduce cost by minimizing the use of expensive equipment. Linking the simulations to tutorials and reference information, and providing a built-in coaching function has also minimized the requirement for a full-time lab assistant.

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