Gamification – Implemented by Bell Immersive

During recent years the enhancement of information technology via design features borrowed from (video) games, also known as “gamification”, has become a notable development both in academia and industry. Gamification primarily aims at increasing users’ positive motivations towards given activities or use of technology, and thereby, increasing the quantity and quality of the output of the given activities. Therefore, the company has decided to develop an experience which can showcase the power of gamification to the users.

During the development, we went through several rounds of review and analysis as below:

Context Analysis

> Define target users
> Identify User Needs
> Identify User Notification
> Create Persona

We brainstormed on several ideas and concepts.

> list ideas
> list consolidated ideas

Design of Prototype

> Design
> Create Prototype
> Evaluate Prototype
> Incorporate Changes
> Plan Development

During recent years, gamification has become a popular method of enriching information technologies. Several business analysts have made promising
predictions about the penetration of gamification in learning.

So What’s next?

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