Gamified Learning Solutions

Through gamified learning solutions we take VR/AR one step ahead by immersing the user into the training scenario.

Gamified learning makes for an interesting and curious learning experience. Users look forward to the training session as there is something more in it for them. Recognition! Employ a healthy “reward and punish” method of skill development to achieve effectiveness in learning.


  • User controlled tasks improves attention by creating curiosity
  • Score based approach brings interest and also measures training success
  • Assigning negative points to errors improves retention

Gamification principles can be used for all e-learning solutions including computer based as well as VR/AR and other immersive technologies.

Bell Immersive Technologies’ Gamification modules provides Recognition schemes including scoring, skill badges, leaderboards and communication lines between the various users.


Software Programmers
UI / UX Designers
Front & back end design engineers

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