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Will the intervention of immersive technology help reduce risk within high hazard sectors?

The enterprise potential of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in the oil & gas industry continues to grow as companies explore opportunities made possible by immersive technology.  

In industries such as oil & gas, petrochemical industry, and other high hazard sectors, the application of AR/VR can be highly beneficial to reduce risks by addressing various functions.  

 Bell with its extensive experience of partnering with companies across the spectrum; lists three various challenges industries with high hazard sectors encounter and their technological resolve – 

  1. Operational Hazard –

For companies who work in high-risk environments, employee safety is of utmost priority. They are interacting with flammable ,toxic material, heavy equipment, or high-risk settings that create a need for employees to be skilled and well-trained to be able to operate safely and follow procedures.

A technological intervention using AR/VR can be of great help in safety and operational readiness training. Employees will get a hands-on experience of the subject that will enhance knowledge retention while making it highly engaging. 

 Immersive technologies not only fasten the learning process but also improve the decision-making skills of individuals on the field in emergency incidents. It can provide the best learning experience required at low costs. 


  1. Predictive safety sensing analytics –

Employee safety can be enhanced in hazardous working environments with sensor-enabled devices that predict safety through analytics.

When a deviation occurs in normal working conditions, a safety sensing device comes in handy to help. These systems can act immediately; the predictive safety sensing analytics approach can point out anomalies such as blood pressure, heart rate, geolocation, weather conditions, air quality, and many other signs to avoid mishaps.  

This also saves time and resources for companies, adding to a smooth and safe functioning in key-driven areas of workplaces. 


  1. Employee-intensified Intellect –

 Employee Safety and productivity are 2 important aspects of any business, and they can be improved and enhanced with immersive technologies like AR/VR by providing visual clues and indicators, repair and operation instructions, and process steps. 

All these technological tools and more can be integrated with digital implements to make workplaces efficient and effective.  


  1. Conclusion-

As conversed above, technological intervention in high hazard sectors will help reduce risks. The challenges involved in these sectors are ever complex but technology is here to help.  

Companies need to move rapidly in the direction of change and revolutionize their business. We as technological and consulting leaders can quickly create a competitive technological edge for your organization and support you achieve business needs with high ROI’s. 

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