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How XR Can Increase Your Business Value Proposition?

According to a research, the extended reality (XR) market is expected to grow from USD 33.0 billion in 2021 to USD 125.2 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 30.6%.


Advancements in immersive technologies has led to such a remarkable market growth and are continuously creating innovative opportunities for business leaders in the digital world with the practice of AR, VR, MR & XR in their business accomplishments.

Employee engagement, customer service, interactive training programs, optimizing productivity, reducing human errors and increasing the business ROI’s  with these benefits organizations can boost their potential and perform as technologies frontrunners.

Bell’s end-to-end solutions for XR technology can help businesses fuel this momentum of performance and transform the outcome.


We thought of taking a closer look at XR’s contribution towards increasing the value proposition for businesses:-

XR – encapsulates AR, VR and MR all these solutions have their independent and unique solutions to offer to the business digital needs.

Augmented Reality (AR) caters to digital models that enhance the real-world experience by embedding computer generated elements to make it more interactive and interesting to use customers can experience AR through apps, studio effects, educative material, cameras and much more.

Virtual reality (VR) transports its customers to a virtual world created to provide a completely immersive experience for instance VR headsets, smart glasses, OLED displays, gloves fitted with sensors and much more.

Mixed reality (MR) combines both, AR and VR where physical objects and virtual objects co-exist in the same space with additional digital elements like holograms.

But How XR Can really Increase your Business Value Proposition?


1. Training tool –

Modern companies are finding an increase in their business value prepositions by investing in employee training. Yes, by providing impactful, real-time scenario training to employees across corporate verticals, this has placed companies in a business leading position.

Employees can interact with customer, gain product knowledge, increase productivity, cater to client needs and help businesses formulate a winning strategy.


2. Customer educative tool –

Businesses are using immersive technologies like XR as a wonderful educative tool. Customers can be trained through XR based user manuals to understand the know-hows of the product and its usage.

Risk-free training, safer-learning environments, reduced investment costs on training, error handling, product knowledge and much more can be added under the capabilities of XR and other immersive technologies that not only enhance employee/customer experience but also have a long lasting and enriching impact on the business revenues.


3. Digital showrooms –

Companies are introducing their products/services through XR virtual platforms like digital showrooms. This is increasing their business market and customers reach.

XR is playing a major role in digital marketing and customer relations by providing immersive experience which is completely equal and more to hands on experience of the product/service which customers prefer before initiating the buy.


4. Easy access –

Customers can view and buy products/services from their location.

Easy accessibility is driving more traffic towards companies who are offering digital experiences which is helping businesses in brand promotion, trust building & strong market positioning.


5. Reduce wastage –

By implementing XR technologies in their respective work-spaces, businesses also contribute towards global waste reduction and save on investing in company resources.


BELL – Your Technology Specialist!

All companies are working towards enhancing their value preposition – and the best way to do that is by going IMMERSIVE.

Bell offers new, digital and unforgettable experiences to its customers this will not only bring a differentiator to companies products/services but also help build a strong B2B/B2C relationship.

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