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Landmark Group is one of the biggest conglomerates in the retail business. Some of the famous names, which comes under the umbrella of Landmark Group are Splash, Iconic, Babyshop, Homecentre, Shoemart, and so on. The Splash division was aiming to train their front-end employees on behavioral aspects. They identified “Cashier Etiquettes” as one of the crucial areas in which they want their cashiers to be well versed with a good amount of customer interaction.


They were providing only instructor-led training (ILTs), and training videos, which was not providing enough knowledge to understand the importance of a cashier in a retail environment. The training was offered in selective locations where all employees would have to go, leaving their productive hours in the store. Therefore, they were looking for a solution, where their employees not only grasp the functions of a cashier in the cash till but also learn the behavioral aspects, which creates the WOW factor in the business.


Based on our assumptions and analysis, we proposed an intuitive, challenge based, well-planned solution, based on the principles of Game Based Learning and Scenario Based Learning. We have understood that the audience is young and adaptable, hence the course will launch with an animated video, which will take the audience through the comic atmosphere of a shopping mall, people interaction, and land them at the cashier point inside a Splash store, further it will explain cashier importance in a retail store and bring challenges to solve.

  • Gamified Cash Till
  • Scenario Based Learning

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