Learning Management Systems

Implement technology aided learning systems to digitally implement training plans and quantitatively assess the success of your training.

Bell Immersive Technologies have developed a Learning Management System called SHREE (Software for Human Resource Enterprise Edification), a vehicle to learning. It encompasses management principles of plan, do, check act and provides a platform for managing your learning and development process.

LMS, Learning Management System,SHREE (Software for Human Resource Enterprise Edification)

The benefits of deploying a learning management system are

  • Stream lined training process
  • Capable of delivering interactive and engaging content
  • Technology aided learning improves effectiveness
  • Free from geographical and time constraints
  • Assessment of training success

SHREE’s salient features are

  • Planning – Helps you to plan your trainings and provides a course calendar to all users who have the flexibility of taking a course anytime before the deadline.
  • Managing Content
  • Tracking Progress – You can track the overall training progress of each department and accordingly manage your training plant
  • Assessing – You can assess 2 prime factors, evaluating training of personnel and evaluating success of content. This feedback will help you to modify your course contents and improve competency.
  • Reporting – The LMS has the capability to generate reports and email you the results on a periodic basis. A dashboard displays real time training plan.
  • Certification – Maintains record of the users training success and ensure that they are provided with refresher training before the certificate expires.
  • Message and Notifications – Configure notifications and messaging to actively monitor and promote training in your organization.

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