London Dairy


London Dairy, which is one of the well-known names in the ice cream industry was aiming to train their front-end employees on how to prepare their signature ice cream recipes. While they wanted their employees to be flawless in the making process, they also wanted to adhere the time taken to prepare and serve an ice cream to the customer.


Over time they were providing instructor-led training (ILTs), traditional eLearning modules, and training videos, only to find that it was not providing enough of a hands-on approach for someone to grasp on how to prepare an ice cream with precision and serve within the stipulated time. The training was offered in a central location where all employees would have to go, discounting their productive hours in the café, which would have significant impact to their ice cream business. Therefore, they were looking for an innovative way to offer an immersive experience from the learner’s computer.


After a detailed Analysis with London Dairy, the team at Bell Immersive Technology Solutions determined to implement an immersive experience using game elements as a solution. This allowed learners the ability to learn from the comfort of their home, office, and café. The training solution allowed learners to virtually grab the tools using his or her hands, which ensured the learners’ interaction with the real-time environment without having to travel or deal with costly mistakes to expensive equipment while in the classroom training session. The learner will be immersed in the experience. This ensures complete knowledge of the environment, use of tools, and most importantly the preparation of ice cream recipes with precision.


  • Gamified Learning
  • Recreation of Real Life Environment
  • Learning by doing

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