Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality- Implemented by Bell Immersive

Nothing captivates attention like a 360° experience to the users. Such experience gives you a perception of being there in the picture, without actually being in the situation. A 360° experience is an abstraction of a real-world panoramic image, which is shot using an omnidirectional camera.
A 360° is an immersive experience. In eLearning and in educating learners, 360° experience, apart from giving you a sense of presence, makes you relive an experience of the real-life world. You can focus on multiple aspects while gaining a high degree of recall factor.
The 360° experience have disrupted industries across multiple verticals. From new hire orientation to visualizing complex aerodynamics, it has given the power to deliver cutting-edge learning intervention to the people. Using these, people can not only get the information about the subject but also feel the environment and discover new things.
Bell as an organization believes that users should have the platform to experience the alter reality and play around with it without having the fear of getting affected. However, the fear is only limited to physical impact and cost impact, but the impact should be 100% when it comes to the outcome of the intervention.

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