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Why corporates prefer Gamified Learning over traditional eLearning modules?

  1. Gamified Learning creates and upholds the engagement
  2. Promotes innovation management companies to generate consumer acquisition & retention
  3. Magnifies motivation through powerful learning experience
  4. Increases knowledge levels than traditional eLearning modules
  5. ROI is higher compared to other eLearning solutions

Do you desire to increase your eLearning engagement & boost your business? Then let’s find out how eLearning support your business –

A recent survey conducted with the corporate employees reflects a great breakthrough of their preference in eLearning, & impact of Gamified Learning at work space when compared to traditional eLearning modules.

Key findings –

Corporate world requires innovative, knowledgeable and a problem solving minds to secure the best position in their competitive domain.

Gamification standards can be utilized for all e-learning arrangements including PC based just as VR/AR and other vivid innovations.

Gamification stimulates the learning mind, encourages challenges which aids the business to succeed when compared to using traditional eLearning techniques for knowledge share or transformation.


Bell Immersive Technologies’ Gamification modules provide Recognition schemes including scoring, skill badges, leader boards and communication lines between the various users.

What is Gamified Learning?

In Gamified Learning framework let’s understand 2 features

  1. Meaning
  2. Elements in gamification

Content is more important than the container and thus Gamified learning is an impressive segment of learning. It plays the role of content while eLearning the container.

  1. Meaning – What is Gamified Learning?

It is the assimilation and integration of gaming mechanics, concepts & elements into eLearning.

Gamified Learning experience is lot more engaging and immersive.


There are 2 types of eLearning Gamification –

  1. Elements in Gamification –

What makes Gamification Unique?

Gamified learning has reached the top in the popularity curve due to –

Whereas in traditional eLearning modules the focus is on the virtual forum format and is incompetent of meeting its learning objective to the fullest.

Expert’s Take on Gamified Learning –

Deeper engagement levels and enhanced effectiveness will definitely make the learning experience richer in Gamification.

The impact of trainings will amplify with the powerful toolbox called Gamification.

The key elements of Gamification are –

Gaming mechanics contribute in increasing the engagement levels and make gamification a lot more purposeful than a game.

– Pamela ONeal
Association for Talent Development, Heart of Central Illinois


Feel Good Factor; Rewards & Recognition are the 2 major essentials that motivate learners, so why not include them in learning strategies?

Gamified Learning propels skill development for individuals along with promoting business segments.

It creates a win-win for the corporates and the learners.

Traditional eLearning may not accomplish desired set of outcomes for the corporates, making it less competitive compared to Gamified Learning as a long-term solution.

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