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We are one of the leading providers of immersive learning technologies and solutions. Our aim is to help organizations rapidly transform by focusing on their needs and design interactive learning solutions for employee performance and organization profitability. Our experts help clients achieve their workforce performance by engaging their employees in immersive learning by offering innovative learning solutions, designs, mobile learning, blended learning, gamification, classroom or remote instructor-led training, learning management systems etc.

At Bell Immersive, innovation, cutting-edge technology and a talented team are committed to deliver successful solutions and business outcomes. We are obsessed with helping our clients deliver performance, advance their practices and respond effectively to changing learner needs.

Our experts help clients achieve their workforce performance by engaging their employees in immersive learning by offering engaging e-learning courses, learning designs, mobile learning, blended learning, gamification, classroom or remote instructor-led training, learning management systems etc.

We provide extensive industry and learning best practice-based expertise to a diverse set of customers in numerous industries, including Oil, Gas and refining, education, pharmaceutical, hospitality and tourism, information technology, telecommunications, government, defense and banking.

Immerse in Virtual Reality

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality solutions for the new world which is rooted in higher efficiency, enhanced safety, sustainability and energy efficient technologies.

Excellence in Training

Implement technology aided training systems which quantitatively assess the success of training, monitors the training plan and presents to management an overall picture of organizational competency.

Product Experiences

Solutions that give your customers an experience of your product and not just a demonstration. Put your customer in the driving seat and have him explore your product rather than demonstrating it to him. Shift to Exploring instead of Explaining.


We are a global organization specializing in Instructional Design, subject matter expertise and high end graphic and animation solutions.

Bell Immersive is the technology arm of UK based Bell Energy Services Ltd. A global consultancy organization providing services in engineering, infrastructure, and software solutions. In due course of time the company has evolved in to a leading provider of interactive and immersive learning solutions.

Bell Immersive adds value to your training by pooling into Bell Energy’s pool of Subject Matter Experts. Just let us know your challenge and we will apply the best minds from our subject matter experts, instructional design and creative artists to offer you a customized solution. Our Solutions are designed to provide interactive multi-sensory learning solutions that engage the user and transform information into experience. Our approach keeps the focus on the content and presents it in a manner so that the trainee can comprehend, remember and apply the knowledge gained.

Our Solutions

Here are some solutions that we offer


Learning Consultancy

You can consult our experts to map organizational functions and conduct training needs analysis.

Virtual / Mixed Reality Solutions

VR Applications for simulating work environment and conducting scenario specific training.

Gamified Learning Solutions

Improve competency through serious games. Transform your training sessions so that your employees look forward to it with a competitive spirit.

E-Learning Solutions

Convert your procedures, systems and process training into online modules and reduce training costs and planning and logistics efforts.

Blended Learning Solutions

Inculcate a high competency culture in your organization by combining classroom, online and mobile training solutions.

Learning Management Systems

Implement technology aided Learning systems to digitally implement training plans and quantitatively assess the success of your training.

Product Experiences & Trainings

Experienced based marketing solutions that replace age old product demonstration tools.

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Customize your trainings to be specific to your industry, geographical locations and company systems specific. We have developed training solutions for various sectors. Click on “Know More” to find about your sector to know more about the solutions that you need for your organizations.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Immersive Technology is a term used to describe Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and accompanying peripheral technologies.

Augmented Reality literally means “added reality”. Augmented Reality is a method of adding digital information to the real world. This information can be anything such as text, graphic visualisations, 3D material, video and audio.

Virtual Reality simulates an environment via a computer to immerse a user in an experience through various senses

The big difference, however, is that with Virtual Reality the experience of the real world is replaced by the experience of a digitally generated environment. Augmented Reality is an extra layer of information that is added to the perception of the real world. Virtual Reality focuses more on so-called “immersive” experiences. Augmented Reality focuses more on spatial computing and spatial communication.
AR and VR are more widely used in all the various sectors for their learning needs as well as simulations. Please contact us to know how our solutions can help your organization implement these immersive solutions
e-Learning is reusable, cost effective training process, where content is prepared and paid for once but used again and again. It can be deployed rapidly and it is totally flexible to meet the needs of an organization. Once created, the material can be delivered anywhere and anytime with virtually no additional cost.
Gamification in corporate training is the amalgamation of principles along with key gaming elements to deliver the requisite learning objectives, thus delivering a highly engaging approach to training.
Gamification can encourage learners to apply their learning on the job, by challenging them with real-life situations in a controlled environment. Gamified eLearning courses typically have a storyline and feature challenges, rewards and analytics.
Blended learning training allows your employees to participate in their training program using mobile devices or their laptops anytime, anywhere, and it offers them control in a way that traditional corporate training cannot.
  • Improves productivity
  • Increases motivation and encourages activity
  • Strong communication processes
  • Employee engagement
  • Develops specific skills

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